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Insight carries out stand-by rescue for locations that are only accessable with great difficulty such as at height or at closed off spacesAll members of our rescue team are fully trained, certified and experienced to excecute their tasks. They are completely equiped with proven techniques and materials, and are also capable to deal with any scenario correctly. Another one of the advantages of hiring Insight’s rescue team is that you do not have any material cost or need to purchase any equipment of your own.

Every project is unique and therefore a rescue team needs to be fully adapted to every specific project. The composition of a rescue team and the materials to be used are aligned with the characteristics of the workplace. Creating the correct rescue team in combination with the required equipment is done by means of a risk inventory by one of our senior security experts in combination with the customer’s / client’s specific wishes. Together with the client we can make sure that every project will be excecuted safely this way.

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