Insight Rescue & Safety does its utmost to finalise your project successfully in a safe way. For this purpose we have an approach providing insight for each project and together with each customer we compose a solution made-to-measure. In the scheme below we summarize what your cooperation with Insight could look like. It consists of three phases;

Getting acquainted
Making an Inventory

1.1 QUICK-SCAN; after getting acquainted INSIGHT starts making a QUICK-SCAN to get a first impression of the works and the context. We will make an insight into the lead time of the project, typology of the works, the necessary manpower put into action, the number of working hours, the necessary equipment, etc.

1.2 PRELIMINARY OFFER; by means of the QUICK-SCAN we draw up a preliminary offer. When this is accepted we continue with the next step.

1.3 RISK ANALYSIS; our experienced safety experts execute an extensive risk analysis to guarrantee a safe working location, and to be able to execute rescue activities, if necessary.

1.4 FINAL OFFER; project based.


On the basis of the typology of the location and works, we provide the following services;

STAND-BY SAFETY TEAMS; suitable for a.o. de petro chemical industry, food industry, bridges, sellars, silos, and other locations only passable with difficulty. Our teams are all experienced rope-access technicians (IRATA, SPRAT certificied).

EXECUTION of RESCUES AT (GREAT) HEIGHT / CLOSED OFF SPACES / LOCATIONS ONLY ACCESSIBLE WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY; Our experienced teams offer: 1. First Aid (reanimation), 2. Fixation, 3. Move to a safe location, 4. Transfer to ambulance personnel.

GUIDANCE & SUPPORT WORKS ON LOCATIONS ONLY ACCESSIBLE WITH GREAT DIFFICULTY; As a matter of speaking we are the ‘driver’ and your staff can get into our bus and we take your employees to their place of destination where they can execute their workin a safe way. (welding / drilling / installation / dismantling (het Nederlandse woord is ‘demontage’) / etc).


3.1 PROJECT EVALUATION; after the project we execute a project evaluation, what went well, what is still up for improvement?

3.2 OPTIMIZATION; For projects with a long lead time we can also execute an interim evaluation to optimize the execution of the project.

Completing the project