Closed off spaces

A closed off space is defined as a space that is completely closed, or partly oen with a very narrow access and which is not designed tob e a place of work. Closed off spaces are risky workplaces by definition, even more so when these closed off spaces also have narrow access or passage-ways. In these cases Insight Rescue can be of service to your organisation with GUIDANCE and SUPPORT.

In closed of spaces your own company emergency officer will not be able to execute any rescue activities in many cases. If carrying independent breathing air is taken into account it means this becomes a very complicated rescue enterprise. In such circumstances Insight, with its specialised / certified rescue workers, offers a safe solution.

Insight supports works at the folowing locations, amongst others:

- Petro chemicals (tanks, chimneys, a. o.)
- Telecommunication (pipe masts, a. o.)
- Water board districts (wells, sewers, a. o.)
- Civil buildingworks (bridges, bridge pillars, tunnels, collapsed buildings, a.o.)
- Shipping: trade, industry and inland (ship’s tank, the hold, pilothouse, a.o.)

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