Rescues at locations at (great) height

Works from a height of 2.5 metres height onwards are considered to be ‘works at (great) height’. Insight can put rescue teams stand-by in such situations. As our teams are already present on location the respons time is exceptionally short and it will be possible to bring a victim to safety as soon as possible. By doing a precise risk analysis we will provide the most efficient route through which the victim can be helped by the necessary professional medical aid as soon as possible. Insight uses the the most modern and effective rescuing techniques, due to this we guarrantee the safest working location possible. The teams will not only take care of the rescue operations, but will also proactively see to the observation of all safety regulations by the staff. In this kind of situations

Insight can be of service to your organisation by means of GUIDANCE and SUPPORT.

Insight supports works at the folowing locations, amongst others:
- Petro chemicals (tanks, chimneys, a.o.)
- Telecommunication (pipe masts, framework masts a.o.)
- Civil buildingworks (bridges, buildings, a.o.)
- Shipping: trade, industry and inland (salvage, the ship’s hold, a.o.)
- Energy sector (wind mills, cooling towers, power stations)

Are you curious to know whether your project is in need of a rescue team, then please feel free to fill out our RESCUE CHECK or CONTACT us without any obligations.

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