About Insight


It is our goal to improve safety at the working place for our customers every day. It is our mission to fully guarrantee the safety and health of all the employees we are in charge of until after the conclusion of all their work. You are ensured of our expertise and experience as well as our guarrantee for the safety of your personnel which will always be our first and foremost priority.


The founders of Insight Rescue have have extensive experience in several stand-by rescue projects, divers technical rescue training sessions for both on- and offshore clients, industry and the defence of our country and have lead and supported many different safety projects.

Insight Rescue’s management is convinced that from within the market there really is a demand for this full combination: rescue services which are built up from a well-founded full safety perspectif; a professional full service to suit the customer with which the safety of the personnel concerned will always be the highest priority. Within Insight Rescue always a Senior Safety Officer will be involved in the acceptance, assessment and execution of the projects.


All our personnel are IRATA certified